Sunday, November 8, 2009

Swimming lesson, dunedin botanic garden, and have a picnic at Bethune's Gully

Salam and Good day..... it has been a while since I last update my blog. Many things has happened but too busy! Ahhhh... such a typical reason... Today, I'd like to tell you guys some activities me and my family did.

1) Swimming lesson
   Since early October, my three kids have joined swimming lesson every Saturday. Iffah and I joined "parent and toddler" class, whereas Aini and Ahmad join beginner class. Below are the photos of me and Iffah snapped by hubby....

2) Playing at Dunedin Botanic Garden
   On 31st Oct, I brought my children to Dunedin Botanic Garden after their swimming class. The weather was so good! Good means sunny hehehehe.... of course not that as warm as in Malaysia... my kids wanted to have ice-creams.... I bought some at The New World, Gardens... and then we went to the Botanic Gardens... My kids were enjoyed playing at the playground, running here and there, feed ducks and plucked flowers.... yeah they really enjoyed coz they haven't go to the garden quite some time.

This was the food that we got to feed the ducks.

See....the ducks had to dive partly to eat the foods my kids threw in the pool.

I guess these may be grapes.... i'll come back later and snapped when they are ripe.

3) A gathering among post graduate families at Bethune's Gully park.
   On the same day 31st Oct at around 3pm, we were having a get together among Malaysian post graduate students and their families. This is can be said as must-have event for us to catch up thing with other friends. Also the kids can meet their Malaysian friends and of course they were really enjoyed and hed fun there. As usual in our gathering, we brought food (either we cooked ourself or just bought them)... hehehhee like myself, i just brought ready made cheese cakes.  There, fathers were chatting among them, mothers got together and kids were busy playing at a playground.

Sausages and breads were provided by our society committee.

 Some of the pot lucks......

Some of the mothers and singles.....

Kids were line up to have ice cream.... hmmmmm yummy!

The Sarjana Otago society's Presiden, Dr. Haizal were incharged to scooped ice-cream for kids (hehehhe teringat kat apek tu jual ais-krim kat malaysia pulak)... Hmm look at Iffah! comotnya!

The bigger kids prefer to play football than playing at the playground.

Some photos at the gathering.....

Photos of females and males who have attended the gathering.......
Okay... I guess that's all for now... have to resume my work... tada! Wassalam!

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