Thursday, November 19, 2009

Cultural day at NEVN school

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   I'm going to talk about Cultural Day which was held on 2nd November 2009. This was the second Cultural Day I attended. I remember the first one, me and mom-in-law made some Malaysia three famous snacks: karipap (curry puff), keria (dough nut made from kumara), and one more I forget, hehehe. Below are some photos:

     During that time, Dunedin Mayor, Peter Chin was also there. The second Cultural Day was indeed bigger than the first one. I guess because NEVN has more international students and the students would like to show their culture to local people. Personally I do like the Cultural Day because we can show to local people our culture such as our national costume, our food, and our own language.
  On the Cultural Day, I turned up when school starts at 9am. There was an assembly where we were welcomed by 2 people played bag pipe. During the assembly, all students who wore their national costumes went up on the stage. Not only students, parents also were given opportunity to be on stage. Apparently only Malaysian parents wore the national costumes. Just wondering where are other international parents...... Anyway, here are some photos.

On the day, I helped a friend of mine, Malaysian too to prepare karipap at the school.  There was another Malaysians prepared cekodok pisang (banana fritters). At lunch time, we all (students, teachers and parents) had lunch together.

The food were really good. Of course we can't eat all of them because some of them are not halal but butter chicken was halal. Aini and Ahmad also liked them.
After lunch, there was another assembly. Some events were held such as Samoa sing and dance, Ceylon dancing and silat (Malaysian martial art). Overall, we had a great day.. looking forward to attend next cultural day...

A performance from DNI school - i'm not quite sure what it was.. it thought it was a kapa haka, but it wasn't.. then I guess it may be Samoan songs.

Ceylon dancing

Silat - Malaysian martial art

Samoan dancing by Junior's family and Mrs Probert.

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  1. yup kak, sangat best hari tu.. thanks sebab tolong buat karipap, kalau tak sampai petang la.. hehe..