Monday, November 30, 2009

Auckland Trip

On 21st November, we the whole family fly to Auckland to send off my mom-in-law back to Malaysia. We stayed two nights at a friend of mine's house, Yati. She also has 3 kids who their age is as same as my kids. They all have met before so it is not difficult for them to play together. In fact my children is looking forward to meet their friends.
In Auckland, the weather was so nice... warm and not as cold as Dunedin. All my children didn't wear their jacket and their socks. They played outside of Yati's house so happily. My mom in law flight to Malaysia is at 2.15pm on Saturday. After sending her off, we all went to Yati's house. Had lunch.. briyani rice with tandoori chicken, boiled potato gravy with parsley, and salad. So delicious! After that we went to One Tree Hill... one of popular mounts in Auckland besides Mt Eden and others...


The next day we went to Auckland Museum. The weather was cloudy and it was better to do some indoor activities. The museum has 3 levels... we spent all day over there.. went one level by one level. We took a break to watch Maori performance and have lunch. The children liked the stuff at level 1. Over there, there is a section of about animals. All about animals.. reserved animal, wild, animals in water... they really enjoyed and wanted to go there again after we finished visit level 2.

 On Monday... before flying back to Dunedin, we visited Auckland Sky Tower, one of Auckland landmark... Yati and her family also came with us... they were yet to go up the tower even though they are staying in Auckland... hehehe I told her, you take for granted! We took total observation package which cover the observation at the levels: main level and skydeck level. We were also lucky to watch someone did the sky jump! Pretty scary eh! Of course all the kids were very enjoy as they running around at the observation level. Well here are some photos!


After Skytower visit, we had lunch at Nando's.... which we can't get in Dunedin!

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  1. uwaaa... bestnya dia p makan nando.. peri2 sauce..