Thursday, August 27, 2009

Wild Hair/Hat Day

Today is Wild Hair/Hat Day at North East Normal School. Aini and Ahmad are so excited about it. They kept talking about it last night. After sahur around 5.30am, I asked them to sleep back and wake up at 7am. Normally during Ramadhan they wake up at 8am for school. But today, 7am sharp Aini rises and quickly has her shower. Then I become her hairdresser to make up her hair. Taadaa... here it is...

Hmmm now Ahmad's turn. At first he wanted to put some wiggly string on her Thomas The Tank Engine hat.. just like an antenna. Instead I apply some gel on his hair and make porcupine like hair...

My two beloved children are ready to show off with their new hair sytle.

Soon after that, Iffah aka Little Missy (a nickname given by her Babah) woke up. I showed to her some photos I snapped for Aini and Ahmad. Then Iffah says, I want like Aini..... heheheheh here is my Little Missy with her funky hair style.

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