Thursday, August 20, 2009

Finger Puppets

Salam all.... it has been a month I didn't update my blog. Just have time to read friends' blog.. didn't dare to write something on mine... arg! Hmmm by the way, I just came back from Malaysia for a very very short visit. I'll write about my visit to Malaysia and Thailand on my next post. This time around, I'd like to share something...
I arrived in Dunedin on last Tuesday afternoon, hubby and mom-in-law fetch me and Iffah. What a tiring journey! My other two children met me after they were back from school. They were so excited and happy... hehehhe mak dia dah balik ler.... have a chit chat with ahmad and aini about their routines when I wasn't around. Hehehehe I'm happy coz Aini and Ahmad are now able to prepare their clothes before going to school. Ha ha at least one of my chores has been taken... fuh!
Then Aini told about her weekly homework, she has a homework about puppets. Her teacher listed out some activities about puppet and Aini can only chose one. Aini has chosen to make finger puppets and make some performance. She wanted to do Little Red Riding Hood. I asked her, how to do finger puppets? Then she said, can you do for me, Mum? What? I responsed. It's your homework and you have to do it yourself. Then my mom in law gave her a shoe box, shbe started drew some trees and pasted on the box to make a puppet performance stage. Luckily, I remember that we have bought 3 finger puppets (2 sheep and 1 kiwi bird) before.
I asked her to find them. Then I asked her, what should we do with these puppets. Suddenly Aini said, Mum, I can make Little Red Riding Hood Sheep. I reply, yeah good idea! Then I asked her to find some unused fabrics. I sew a red fabric on a sheep puppet to make a hood, then put a scarf for the grandma and did some make-up on wolf puppet, to make Little Red Riding Hood, her grandma and a wolf. So here are the outcome...How excited Aini when her puppets are ready.... when I was modifying the puppets, she non stop said, thank you mummy.. the puppets look great! Hmmm lama jugak tak buat menda2 creative nih.... actually I like doing those stuff, only time constraint!

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