Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Kamera masih hilang!

Salam... my camera is still missing! isk isk isk! Hubby dah bising dah! Terpaksa pinjam kamera dari Yana. Since my mobile phone has camera, I have to buy a micro SD card to save my photos. Mobile ada bluetooth but my laptop doesn't support bluetooth pulak dah!
We really need a camera coz tomorrow we are going to skiing at Mt Hutt! Yeah... first time experience for me and my kids! Hubby dah pernah pi pon masa dia kat US. Memang plan kami bila Iffah dah besar sikit, baru nak pi main ski... so this is the right time, coz probably this is my final year in NZ.
That's all for now.... have to resume my work. I'll update more about our trip to Mt Hutt. Insyaallah!

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