Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Ahmad's appointment with a dentist.

Today Ahmad has his 4th dental appointment. I guess this is the last appointment. We arrived the dental hospital about 9.50am... and at 10.00am, Ahmad's dentist, Gisselle came with a big smile. Ahmad was quite excited when seeing Gisselle. Ahmad's photo before the treatment starts.

Gisselle told me she will do filling on Ahmad's lower molar tooth. So here are some photos:

Gambar ketiga tu rasanya utk keringkan filling tu kot... hahahhaa lupa nak tanya Gisselle tadi. Then she ask me if she can do some more fillings on Ahmad's upper molar teeth. I ask her to ask Ahmad, when Ahmad says, "Yes, we can do 2 more teeth." Hehehehe Ahmad is in a good mood today. But actually he doesn't know that doing filling on the upper molar teeth is a bit tricky. Gisselle has to inject some anesthetic because may involve with his teeth nerve. Ahmad was a bit grumpy after Gisselle did the injection. "A green umbrella" has to put on to prevent him from producing more saliva. Gisselle put fillings on his molar teeth.

During the treatment, Gisselle praised Ahmad non-stop.... actually to please him and avoid him from being more cranky. But actually Ahmad is a very very good and supportive boy. He didn't cry or did any unexpected action throughout the treatment and the past ones. Good boy Ahmad and look at his train tattoo Gisselle gave to him! And Gisselle has put two more appointments. Arg!


  1. Bravo Ahmad!! You are a strong boy.. I never bring Adam & Akif to the dentist. But I had night mare with Arina..

  2. Apa night mare nya? Hmmm sekolah NEV dah ada dentist therapist, namanya Chris. Bole contact dia and send Adam & Akif to him.